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Heinous mistakes to avoid in women’s designer bags

“A person who has never made a mistake…never tried anything new”. ~ Albert Einstein

I believe that everyone needs to make mistakes when it comes to learning something new. It has been almost 5 years now that I have been a part of the luxury fashion industry. I have been writing about anything and everything that has something to do with brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada, and all the other hot-shots. People all around the world have been facing problems buying the best designer stuff. Well, we make mistakes all the time and then we try to rectify the mistakes just to things so much better and then we make another mistake.

Women’s fashion is one of the main categories that features a lot of mistakes. From the outfits to the accessories, everything gets covered in the same. Likewise, women branded bags are something that this blog would throw light on. With a whole lot of designer bags available in the luxury fashion industry, the mistakes can be many. Most women immediately go for the kill when it comes to designer bags. Starting from the low priced designer bags to buying the replicas, there are so many different mistakes that you make when it comes to shopping women branded bags.

So, I would share mistakes that you should stop making while choosing designer bags for yourself.

Settling for less

You might dream all the glam and glitter when it comes to shopping designer bags but there comes a time when you settle for way lesser than they should. When you have finally dreamed about having a designer bag from Chanel or Gucci or even Coach, you should work hard enough to own one for yourself. For example, when I started working as a writer, I always wanted to have a DKNY bag but the prices were way too high and I had to give up that bag. There are a lot of women around here who think that they could never afford those designer bags. Deep down, you would always think that you could opt for a cheaper option but that does even help you through?

Well, you need to make a firm decision about buying designer bags and wanting to do everything but not settling for less.

Bought from

The impatience of settling for anything and regretting later

You might have heard that ‘a diamond is forever’ but that statement serves right a lot of other things and the women branded bags is one of them. A few years ago I was looking for Furla Candy bags when they came into existence but the unavailability of the same in India was something that was making me feel curious. I waited for almost a month and then one day I saw this similar-looking bag at a store while I was passing by it. I was stunned and went into the store and picked it for myself. What made me cringe was that within a month, the Candy bags were introduced in India and it was then that I realized that I shouldn’t have been impatient and waited for the designer bags to be available. Well, I realized that texture, the quality, the color and the fancy appeal of the authentic women branded bags were way better than what I invested into.

This is what happens with a lot of women out there who do not wait for the right time and pick something that is similar looking but not authentic.

Investing in designer bags not fit for your outfits

This is a sure case of laziness!! We understand that you are not a fashion freak who likes to keep it tip-top when it comes to your fashion-quotient. You might be someone who opens the closet in the morning and picks the first thing that you could reach out to. You might not be someone who’d match their footwear with your outfits. It is understood that you would not care about making sure that your bags are a perfect match for your outfit.

No matter what, a mistake is a mistake. In case you are committing this mistake, you should stop making this one because if you are not making sure that your designer bags match your outfits – you are failing out.

Burberry from

Ignoring your guts and listening to others

Are you buying a luxury bag for yourself or someone else? This is the first question you need to ask for yourself. There are many times when you shop with a buddy and would love it when your friend is there to suggest you the best options. Well, there are times when you like something and your friend likes something else. But when you’re buying the replica designer bags for yourself, it is your opinion that matters and not your friends. So, if you like that studded crossbody bag whereas your friend thinks something else, you must not ignore your guts and listen to yourself because you know yourself the best and nobody else.

Only opting for the second-hand options

Before I started working as a writer, I used to work part-time in another organization where the salary wasn’t enough. Back then, I believed that second-hand options were better because you get them at lesser prices and the appeal is almost the same as new ones. But little did I know that the first-hand designer bags are the best ones because you buy them directly from the genuine store or an online store that is credible for only authentic options from the designer brands available. With authentic stores being available, you would be delighted to invest in glamorous appeals, long-lasting fabrics and obviously — that exciting feeling of hugging that new women branded bag. Was I able to make this one clear?

Second-hand options are the ones that are low on durability, new appeal, and a lot more than that. That is why opting only for new options should be your kind of thing.

Bought from Guangdong,China

The act of impulse buying

What is impulse buying? According to Wikipedia, “An impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase. One who tends to make such purchases is referred to as an impulse purchaser or impulse buyer.” There would be a time when you would have certainly bought something in a matter of seconds just because you thought that it was right. Well, not so correct for sure!! This is a mistake that should not be made while buying anything and not luxury bags. Designer bags are expensive for sure and if you want that regret feeling to not occur, you should be careful while buying your designer bags. Plan your purchase well in advance and make sure that what you buy is not an act of impulse buying but thought-after purchase.

There are times when you’re feeling low and believe in the fact that shopping makes everything so much better. You shouldn’t let your feeling overpower your buying act and that’s what helps you shop the best one for yourself.

So, these were the worst and the commonest of mistakes that you make when it comes to buying women branded bags for yourself. Just be careful while shopping and avoid making these the next time you shop.

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